1. Defining a Vision: the “Why” and “What” to Give

2. Executing the Vision

3. Why Funders Select PLC Philanthropic Services
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2. Executing the Vision:

  • Identification of the most effective nonprofits already working in the donor’s field of interest.

  • Assistance in mounting new programs and initiatives.

  • Arrangements for meetings and interchanges with other funders on issues of mutual interest.

  • Preparation of grant dockets.

  • Planning and facilitation of board meetings.

  • Assessment of the internal operations of agencies for donors interested in providing direct support.

  • Provision of due diligence on grants prior to and during funding, including budget tracking.

  • Identification and coordination of site visits to current and new grantees.

  • Technical support to nonprofits that the donor designates.

  • Management of a sophisticated grantmaking process that may begin with the issuance of requests for proposals, move through due diligence, evaluation of grant proposals, notification of declination of grants, concluding with an assessment of the grant’s impact.

  • Development of appropriate public relations for funder’s activities.

  • Assistance in oversight of funder’s administrative and legal requirements depending on the philanthropic vehicle.
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